Hola! My name is Lupe and I am an Argentinean art director, design facilitator, and graphic designer based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. My work is situated at the intersection of design practices with issues of power, identity and politics.

Jauria is the platform from which I offer my freelance services as a designer for social justice. It’s the result of continuous learning from fearless allies and friends, which means it is always in movement.


My work seeks to support non-profit organizations, community organizers, activists, artists and researchers in the making of a more just world. For this, I follow the Design Justice Principles, which call to actively listen and critically engage with areas and structures of oppression in design, starting with myself as a subject and my own process as a designer. For constantly guiding me and teaching me the depth of this work, I am particularly indebted to previous collaborators and to my team at And Also Too, where I have been working since 2016.


I engage with communities from a space of curiosity, recognizing people are inherently creative and knowledgeable of the realities they are seeking to change. Their insights and visions are the raw ingredients needed for designing solutions that truly speak to their needs. My job is thus about attending to community’s inner brilliance, and translating it into the language of design. For this, I try to practice design from a place of listening, using design justice, co-design, facilitation and popular education methods as the foundation of my process.

Want to know more? Then I’d love to hear from you!